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Aboss is a dynamic and feature-rich Opencart 3 theme specifically designed for sport shops and athletic retailers. With its modern design and comprehensive functionality, Aboss empowers you to create a captivating online store to showcase and sell your sport-related products. Packed with a range of features, this theme offers a seamless shopping experience for your customers.


  1. Responsive Design: Aboss is built with a responsive design, ensuring that your website looks and functions flawlessly on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. This feature enables customers to browse and purchase products conveniently, regardless of their preferred device.
  2. Customizable Layouts: The theme provides a variety of customizable layouts, allowing you to personalize your website’s appearance and create a unique online brand. You can choose from different page templates, select various header styles, and customize fonts, colors, and spacing to align with your store’s branding and sport-related aesthetics.
  3. Mega Menu: Aboss offers a powerful and intuitive mega menu feature, allowing you to showcase a wide range of product categories and subcategories. This feature enhances navigation and makes it easier for customers to explore and find the products they are interested in.
  4. Product Showcase: Aboss provides a visually appealing product showcase feature, allowing you to present your sport-related products in a professional and organized manner. You can display high-quality product images, detailed descriptions, pricing information, and customer reviews. This feature enhances the shopping experience and helps customers make informed purchase decisions.
  5. Product Filtering and Sorting: Aboss includes advanced product filtering and sorting options, making it easier for customers to find specific products based on attributes such as brand, size, color, or price range. Customers can refine their search results and sort products based on popularity, price, or newest arrivals. This feature enhances user convenience and encourages engagement.
  6. Shopping Cart and Checkout: The theme provides a user-friendly shopping cart and checkout process, ensuring a seamless and secure transaction experience for your customers. Customers can add products to their cart, review their order, apply discount codes, and proceed to checkout. Integration with popular payment gateways allows for secure and convenient transactions.
  7. Wishlist Functionality: Aboss includes wishlist functionality, enabling customers to save their favorite sport products for future reference or purchase. Customers can create and manage wishlists, making it easier for them to revisit and buy their desired items. This feature enhances customer engagement and encourages repeat visits to your store.
  8. Blogging Capabilities: Aboss offers built-in blogging capabilities, allowing you to share sport-related content, industry news, and product updates with your audience. You can engage customers with informative articles, fitness tips, and product reviews. Blogging helps drive traffic to your store, increases customer engagement, and positions your brand as an authority in the sport industry.
  9. SEO Optimization: Aboss is optimized for search engine visibility, helping your online store rank higher in search results. It incorporates clean and optimized code, supports meta tags and descriptions, and provides options for adding SEO-friendly URLs. These features enhance the discoverability of your sport products and attract organic traffic.
  10. Multilingual and Multi-currency Support: Aboss supports multilingual websites and offers multi-currency functionality, allowing you to reach a global audience and cater to customers from different regions. You can easily translate your website into multiple languages and display prices in various currencies, providing a localized experience for your international customers.

In summary, Aboss is a dynamic and feature-rich Opencart 3 theme designed for sport shops and athletic retailers. With its responsive design, customizable layouts, mega menu, product showcase, filtering and sorting, shopping cart and checkout, wishlist functionality, blogging capabilities, SEO optimization, and multilingual support

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