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is a powerful tool that takes your website design to the next level by providing advanced customization options and control over your Bricks-powered WordPress site. Bricks is a popular visual website builder that empowers you to create stunning websites without needing to write code. When combined with Advanced Themer, you gain even more flexibility and creative freedom to design unique and dynamic websites.

Key Features of Advanced Themer for Bricks:

  1. Advanced Layout Customization: With Advanced Themer, you can take control of your website’s layout and design. Customize headers, footers, sidebars, and other structural elements with precision.
  2. Dynamic Content: Create dynamic templates and design elements that pull content from your WordPress site. This includes post grids, custom post types, taxonomies, and more.
  3. Custom Fields Integration: Advanced Themer seamlessly integrates with custom fields plugins, allowing you to display custom field data in your designs and templates.
  4. Conditional Logic: Apply conditional rules to different parts of your design. Show or hide sections based on user roles, device types, specific pages, and more.
  5. Infinite Design Possibilities: With Advanced Themer, you’re not limited to predefined templates. Create unique designs for different sections of your website with complete creative freedom.
  6. Dynamic Data Integration: Integrate dynamic data like post metadata, author information, publishing date, and more into your designs for a personalized user experience.
  7. Custom Post Types: Design and style templates for custom post types, ensuring a consistent look for various types of content on your site.
  8. Reusable Templates: Create templates that can be reused across different parts of your site, maintaining a consistent design language throughout.
  9. WooCommerce Integration: Advanced Themer extends its capabilities to WooCommerce, allowing you to design custom product pages, category pages, and more.
  10. User-Friendly Interface: Despite its advanced features, Advanced Themer maintains a user-friendly interface that empowers designers and developers of all levels.
  11. Responsive Design: Ensure your designs look great on all devices and screen sizes with responsive design options.

Benefits of Advanced Themer for Bricks:

  • Creative Control: Advanced Themer puts you in control of your website’s design, allowing you to create unique and engaging layouts that align with your brand.
  • Efficiency: Streamline your design process with the ability to create and reuse templates across different parts of your site.
  • Dynamic Content: Deliver personalized experiences to users by integrating dynamic content into your designs.
  • Consistency: Maintain a consistent design language across your website, enhancing user experience and visual appeal.
  • Compatibility: Advanced Themer works seamlessly with Bricks and integrates with popular WordPress plugins, extending its capabilities even further.


Advanced Themer for Bricks takes your website design to the next level by offering advanced customization options and dynamic content integration. With its ability to create reusable templates, apply conditional logic, and seamlessly integrate with custom fields and WooCommerce, Advanced Themer empowers you to create unique and engaging websites that captivate your audience. Whether you’re a designer, developer, or site owner, Advanced Themer enhances your creative possibilities within the Bricks ecosystem, allowing you to build stunning websites with ease.

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