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is a versatile utility framework meticulously crafted for enhancing the capabilities of WordPress page builders. This innovative solution aims to streamline and elevate the design and development process by providing a comprehensive set of utility classes that empower users to create stunning and functional websites with ease.

Key Features of Automatic.css:

  1. Extensive Utility Classes: Automatic.css offers an extensive collection of utility classes that cover various aspects of web design, including typography, spacing, colors, layout, and more.
  2. Seamless Integration: Designed to seamlessly integrate with popular WordPress page builders, Automatic.css enhances your design toolkit and complements your preferred visual editor.
  3. Responsive Design: The utility classes in Automatic.css are tailored for creating responsive designs, ensuring your websites look great across a range of devices and screen sizes.
  4. Typography Enhancement: Enhance your typography with utility classes that provide control over font size, weight, line height, and other text-related properties.
  5. Spacing and Margins: Easily manage spacing and margins with intuitive classes that allow precise control over element positioning and padding.
  6. Color Customization: Customize your color scheme effortlessly by applying color utility classes to elements, ensuring a consistent and cohesive visual identity.
  7. Flexibility in Layout: Create flexible and dynamic layouts with utility classes that facilitate the implementation of grids, columns, and responsive structures.
  8. Component Styling: Apply utility classes to specific components, such as buttons, forms, and navigation, to achieve consistent and polished styling.
  9. Effortless Modifications: With Automatic.css, making design changes is a breeze. Simply apply the appropriate utility class to achieve the desired look without delving into complex CSS coding.

Benefits of Automatic.css:

  • Efficiency: Automatic.css streamlines the design process by providing a comprehensive set of utility classes that reduce the need for manual CSS coding.
  • Consistency: Achieve consistent design elements and layouts across your website, ensuring a polished and professional appearance.
  • Flexibility: Easily adapt your designs to various devices and screen sizes by utilizing responsive utility classes.
  • Time Savings: By simplifying the design process, Automatic.css saves valuable time, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your website development.
  • Enhanced Creativity: The utility classes offer creative freedom, allowing you to experiment with different design elements and combinations.


Automatic.css is a dynamic utility framework that empowers WordPress page builders with a rich collection of utility classes. Whether you’re a web designer, developer, or a DIY website enthusiast, this tool enhances your creative possibilities, streamlines design workflows, and ensures consistency in your website’s appearance. Automatic.css is an invaluable companion for anyone looking to elevate their design game within the WordPress ecosystem.

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