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Barber, the ultimate WordPress theme designed specifically for hair, tattoo, and beauty salons. With its extensive features and visually stunning design, Barber empowers salon owners to create an immersive and engaging online presence. Whether you run a hair salon, a tattoo studio, a beauty spa, or any other similar establishment, Barber is the perfect solution to showcase your services, attract customers, and grow your business in the highly competitive beauty industry.


  1. Stylish and Professional Design: Barber boasts a stylish and professional design that reflects the creativity and expertise of your salon. With its visually captivating aesthetics, your website will make a memorable first impression, setting you apart from the competition.
  2. Seamless Integration: Barber seamlessly integrates with WordPress, the leading content management system, providing a user-friendly interface for easy website management and updates.
  3. Services Showcase: Highlight your range of services with Barber’s dedicated services showcase feature. Display your haircuts, hair color treatments, tattoos, beauty treatments, and more, showcasing your expertise and enticing potential customers.
  4. Portfolio Showcase: Showcase your salon’s artistry and craftsmanship with Barber’s portfolio showcase feature. Display a gallery of your best work, including hairstyle transformations, tattoo designs, or before-and-after beauty treatments, demonstrating your skill and attracting clients.
  5. Online Booking System: Simplify the appointment booking process with Barber’s integrated online booking system. Allow customers to schedule their appointments directly from your website, improving convenience for both you and your clients.
  6. Staff Profiles: Introduce your talented team of stylists, tattoo artists, and beauty professionals with Barber’s staff profiles feature. Highlight their skills, experience, and specialization, building trust and helping customers choose the right professional for their needs.
  7. Testimonials and Reviews: Build credibility and trust with Barber’s testimonials and reviews feature. Showcase positive feedback and reviews from satisfied customers, providing social proof and influencing potential clients.
  8. Pricing and Packages: Display your pricing and service packages with Barber’s pricing and packages feature. Clearly outline the cost of different services and offer attractive packages to encourage upselling and repeat business.
  9. Blogging Capabilities: Engage with your audience and establish your salon as an authority in the beauty industry with Barber’s integrated blogging capabilities. Share beauty tips, trends, and insights to attract organic traffic and build a loyal following.
  10. Mobile-Optimized and Responsive Design: In the mobile-driven world, Barber ensures that your website looks impeccable and functions seamlessly across all devices and screen sizes. With its mobile-optimized and responsive design, you can reach customers on the go and maximize your online presence.
  11. SEO-Friendly Structure: Barber is built with a search engine-friendly structure, optimized code, and clean design, providing a solid foundation for search engine optimization efforts. Stand out in search engine results and attract organic traffic to your salon.

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