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is a comprehensive on-demand service application that provides a platform for customers and service providers to connect and facilitate various service transactions. With its customer and provider apps, along with an efficient admin panel, Belya offers a seamless and convenient solution for accessing on-demand services.

Key Features:

  1. Customer App: The customer app allows users to browse and request a wide range of on-demand services from various providers. Customers can easily search for services, view service details and prices, book appointments, track service providers in real-time, and make secure payments.
  2. Provider App: The provider app empowers service professionals to manage their services and appointments efficiently. Providers can accept or decline service requests, communicate with customers, update service statuses, and navigate to customer locations using integrated maps.
  3. Admin Panel: The admin panel offers a centralized platform to manage and monitor the entire Belya ecosystem. Admins can oversee customer and provider activities, manage service categories and listings, monitor transactions, resolve disputes, and access analytics and reports for informed decision-making.
  4. Service Categories: Belya supports a wide range of service categories, including home cleaning, plumbing, electrical services, beauty and wellness, repairs, pet care, and more. The platform accommodates diverse service industries, catering to the unique needs and preferences of customers.
  5. Real-Time Tracking: The app incorporates real-time tracking features, enabling customers to track the location of assigned service providers. This provides transparency and helps customers stay informed about the estimated arrival time of their providers.
  6. Ratings and Reviews: Belya allows customers to rate and review service providers based on their experiences. This feedback system promotes service quality and helps other customers make informed decisions when selecting service providers.
  7. Secure Payments: The app integrates secure payment gateways, allowing customers to make seamless and secure transactions for the services they book. Multiple payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets, can be accommodated to provide convenience and flexibility.
  8. Notifications and Alerts: Belya sends real-time notifications and alerts to keep users updated on service requests, appointment confirmations, provider status updates, and payment receipts. This ensures timely communication and enhances the overall user experience.

Belya v3.0 is a feature-rich on-demand service application that connects customers and service providers through user-friendly apps and an efficient admin panel. With its customer app, provider app, admin panel, diverse service categories, real-time tracking, ratings and reviews, secure payments, and notifications, Belya offers a seamless and convenient platform for accessing on-demand services. Transform the way you access and provide services with Belya v3.0.

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