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is a powerful form builder plugin for WordPress that allows you to create a wide range of forms, from simple contact forms to complex forms with advanced calculations and user selections. It provides various standard fields and advanced features for building accessible and user-friendly forms. Some of the key features and capabilities of Gravity Forms include:

  1. Form Fields: Gravity Forms offers a variety of form fields, including text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns, file uploads, and more.
  2. Multi-Page Forms: You can create multi-page forms to break long forms into smaller, more manageable sections.
  3. Product Order Forms: It’s suitable for creating product order forms with pricing fields and calculations.
  4. Conditional Logic: You can use conditional logic to show or hide fields and sections of the form based on user selections.
  5. Email Notifications: Set up email notifications to receive form submissions and keep users informed.
  6. Payment Processing: Gravity Forms supports payment processing, making it ideal for creating payment forms or donation forms. It integrates with various payment gateways.
  7. Spam Protection: It includes features to combat spam messages and ensure the security of your forms.
  8. User Registration Add-on: You can use the User Registration add-on to create user registration forms on your WordPress site.
  9. Visual Form Editor: Gravity Forms provides a user-friendly visual form editor, making it easy to build and customize forms.
  10. Add-Ons: There are numerous add-ons available, extending Gravity Forms’ functionality. These include integrations with email marketing services like Constant Contact, among others.
  11. License Key: Users typically need a valid license key for automatic updates and access to support.
  12. Affordable Pricing: Gravity Forms offers different pricing options to suit various needs, including basic licenses and more advanced plans.

Gravity Forms is known for being beginner-friendly while offering advanced capabilities for those who need them. It’s widely used for creating forms of all types, and it continues to evolve with updates and additional add-ons to enhance its functionality.

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