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is a comprehensive plugin for the Gravity Forms plugin in WordPress. It extends the functionality of Gravity Forms by adding a wide range of useful perks and enhancements. With Gravity Perks, you can unlock additional features and capabilities to create more advanced and dynamic forms on your website.

Key Features:

  1. Conditional Logic: Gravity Perks expands the conditional logic capabilities of Gravity Forms, allowing you to create dynamic and personalized forms. You can show or hide form fields, sections, or entire pages based on user input or specific conditions, making your forms more interactive and user-friendly.
  2. Field Enhancements: The plugin offers various enhancements for form fields, including advanced calculations, character limits, minimum and maximum values, date manipulation, default values, and more. These enhancements enable you to customize and control the behavior of individual form fields to match your specific requirements.
  3. Multi-Page Forms: Gravity Perks introduces enhancements for multi-page forms, allowing you to create more engaging and user-friendly form navigation. You can add progress bars, enable step navigation, implement conditional page breaks, and customize the appearance and functionality of your multi-page forms.
  4. Pricing Fields: The plugin provides additional pricing field options for Gravity Forms, allowing you to create dynamic pricing calculations based on user selections. You can add quantity-based pricing, percentage-based discounts, conditional pricing rules, and more, providing a flexible and customizable pricing structure for your forms.
  5. Limit Submissions: Gravity Perks includes features to limit the number of submissions for specific forms or form fields. You can set submission limits by date range, total submissions, user, or other criteria, ensuring that you have control over the number of submissions received.
  6. Unique IDs: The plugin allows you to generate unique IDs for form entries or individual form fields. This is useful for creating order numbers, unique user identifiers, or tracking codes, providing a streamlined way to manage and reference form submissions.
  7. Email Enhancements: Gravity Perks enhances the email functionality of Gravity Forms, enabling you to customize email notifications and autoresponders. You can personalize the content, format, and appearance of emails sent to users and administrators, ensuring a professional and branded communication experience.
  8. eCommerce Integration: The plugin offers integration with popular eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. This allows you to create seamless order forms, integrate with payment gateways, generate dynamic product options, and automate the purchase process through Gravity Forms.
  9. User Input Validation: Gravity Perks provides enhanced input validation options, allowing you to validate user input based on custom rules or patterns. You can ensure that the data entered in form fields meets specific criteria, such as valid email addresses, phone numbers, or custom formats.
  10. Developer-Friendly Tools: The plugin includes various tools and hooks to extend and customize Gravity Forms functionality further. Developers can utilize custom code snippets, hooks, and filters to modify form behavior, integrate with third-party services, or create custom form field types.

Gravity Perks v2.3.2 enhances the functionality of Gravity Forms, empowering you to create more advanced and interactive forms on your WordPress website. With its extensive range of features, including conditional logic, field enhancements, multi-page forms, pricing fields, and more, Gravity Perks provides the tools you need to build powerful and dynamic forms tailored to your specific requirements. Take your Gravity Forms to the next level with Gravity Perks.

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