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Shield Security Pro is a premium WordPress security plugin developed by One Dollar Plugin. It aims to provide comprehensive protection for your WordPress website, focusing on simplicity and ease of use. Here are some key features and functionalities of Shield Security Pro:

  1. Firewall Protection: Shield Security Pro includes a robust firewall that helps block malicious traffic, preventing unauthorized access and protecting your website from hacking attempts.
  2. Login Protection: The plugin offers multiple layers of login protection, including two-factor authentication, Google reCAPTCHA integration, and IP blocking, to secure your WordPress login process.
  3. Malware Scanning and Detection: Shield Security Pro scans your WordPress files, themes, and plugins for malware and malicious code, providing alerts and notifications if any threats are detected.
  4. Security Admin User Role: The plugin introduces a separate security admin user role, allowing you to assign specific security-related tasks and responsibilities to designated users without providing full admin access.
  5. Audit Trail and Logging: Shield Security Pro keeps a detailed audit trail of all activities on your website, including login attempts, file changes, and plugin updates, providing insights into potential security breaches.
  6. Brute Force Attack Protection: The plugin employs advanced algorithms to detect and block brute force attacks, limiting the number of failed login attempts and implementing measures to thwart automated login attempts.
  7. Core File Scanning: Shield Security Pro scans your WordPress core files to detect any modifications or tampering, providing you with alerts and notifications if unauthorized changes are found.
  8. Scheduled Scans and Email Notifications: The plugin allows you to schedule regular scans of your website for malware and vulnerabilities, with the option to receive email notifications about scan results.
  9. File Change Detection: Shield Security Pro monitors your WordPress files for any unauthorized changes or modifications, providing real-time alerts and notifications when such activity is detected.
  10. Security Admin Dashboard: The plugin offers a dedicated security dashboard where you can view and manage all security-related aspects of your website, including settings, reports, and logs.

Shield Security Pro is designed to simplify the process of securing your WordPress website while providing essential security features. With its focus on user-friendly functionality and robust protection, the plugin aims to offer a comprehensive security solution for WordPress users.

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