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is a WordPress plugin that provides a comprehensive solution for managing and securing your WooCommerce API keys and licenses. It is designed to help developers and store owners effectively manage access to their WooCommerce APIs and protect their digital products.

Key Features:

  1. API Key Management: The plugin allows you to create and manage API keys for your WooCommerce store. You can generate unique API keys for different applications or services that interact with your store’s API, granting them specific permissions and restrictions.
  2. License Management: WooCommerce API Manager provides a license management system for your digital products. You can generate and assign licenses to customers, track license activations, and control access to your products based on license validity.
  3. API Access Control: The plugin enables you to control and restrict access to your WooCommerce APIs. You can set permissions and limits on API endpoints, ensuring that only authorized applications or services can interact with your store’s data and perform specific actions.
  4. Product Updates and Downloads: WooCommerce API Manager facilitates the delivery of product updates and downloads to customers who have purchased your digital products. It allows you to securely distribute new versions, patches, or additional files to your customers through the API.
  5. License Validation: The plugin includes a license validation system that verifies the authenticity and validity of licenses. It helps prevent unauthorized usage of your products and ensures that customers have valid licenses before accessing updates or premium features.
  6. Version Compatibility: WooCommerce API Manager ensures compatibility with different versions of your digital products. You can configure version requirements for API calls, ensuring that customers using older versions of your products have access to the appropriate APIs.
  7. Usage Tracking and Reporting: The plugin tracks API usage and provides reporting capabilities. You can monitor API calls, license activations, and usage statistics, enabling you to analyze customer behavior and make informed decisions about your products and API infrastructure.
  8. Integration with WooCommerce: WooCommerce API Manager seamlessly integrates with the WooCommerce platform. It works alongside other WooCommerce extensions, ensuring compatibility and a smooth user experience.
  9. Security and Authentication: The plugin prioritizes security and authentication measures to protect your API keys, licenses, and sensitive data. It uses secure authentication methods and implements best practices for securing your API endpoints.
  10. Developer-Friendly: WooCommerce API Manager provides developers with extensive documentation and resources to facilitate integration with their applications and services. It offers hooks and filters for customization, allowing developers to extend the plugin’s functionality to suit their specific needs.

WooCommerce API Manager v3.0.7 is a powerful plugin that enhances the management and security of your WooCommerce APIs and licenses. With features such as API key management, license management, API access control, product updates and downloads, license validation, version compatibility, usage tracking and reporting, integration with WooCommerce, security measures, and developer-friendly capabilities, the plugin offers a comprehensive solution for managing your WooCommerce APIs and protecting your digital products.

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