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is a powerful plugin that enhances your WooCommerce-powered website with advanced availability management features. Designed specifically for businesses that offer bookable services, appointments, or rentals, this plugin provides a comprehensive solution for managing and displaying availability to your customers. With WooCommerce Bookings Availability, you can streamline your booking process, optimize your scheduling, and improve customer experience.

Key Features:

  1. Seamless Integration with WooCommerce: WooCommerce Bookings Availability seamlessly integrates with the popular WooCommerce plugin, leveraging its robust e-commerce functionality. This allows you to manage both your product inventory and availability in one unified system, simplifying the management of your bookable services or rentals.
  2. Comprehensive Availability Management: The plugin offers comprehensive availability management features to help you efficiently manage your bookable services or rentals. You can set availability based on dates, time slots, or a combination of both. This flexibility enables you to define availability according to your specific business requirements.
  3. Real-Time Availability Display: With WooCommerce Bookings Availability, you can display real-time availability to your customers, allowing them to see the available dates or time slots for booking. This feature prevents double bookings and provides a seamless booking experience for your customers.
  4. Flexible Booking Rules: The plugin allows you to set flexible booking rules to accommodate different scheduling needs. You can define minimum and maximum booking durations, buffer times between bookings, lead times for advanced bookings, and more. These rules ensure that your bookings align with your operational requirements.
  5. Customizable Availability Calendar: WooCommerce Bookings Availability provides a customizable availability calendar that visually displays the availability of your bookable services or rentals. You can customize the calendar to match your website’s design and easily update availability directly from the calendar interface.
  6. Multiple Booking Methods: The plugin supports multiple booking methods to cater to different booking scenarios. You can offer fixed time slots, flexible duration bookings, or a combination of both. This versatility allows you to adapt to various business models and customer preferences.
  7. Booking Confirmation and Notifications: WooCommerce Bookings Availability enables automatic booking confirmation and notifications to keep both you and your customers informed. You can configure email notifications for booking confirmations, reminders, cancellations, or reschedules, ensuring clear communication throughout the booking process.
  8. Seamless Payment Integration: The plugin integrates with popular payment gateways supported by WooCommerce, ensuring secure and seamless payment processing for your bookings. You can accept various payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and more, providing convenience for your customers.
  9. Booking Management Dashboard: WooCommerce Bookings Availability provides a dedicated booking management dashboard where you can view and manage all your bookings in one place. You can easily access booking details, update statuses, add notes, and communicate with customers directly from the dashboard, ensuring efficient and organized booking management.

Optimize your booking process and effectively manage availability with WooCommerce Bookings Availability. Whether you offer services, appointments, or rentals, this plugin provides the necessary tools to streamline your booking operations, improve customer experience, and maximize your business efficiency. With its seamless integration with WooCommerce and comprehensive availability management features, WooCommerce Bookings Availability is a valuable asset for any business that relies on online bookings.

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