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is a handy WordPress plugin that allows you to efficiently manage and update the stock of your WooCommerce products in bulk. It simplifies the process of handling inventory and stock levels, especially when you have a large number of products in your online store.

Key Features:

  1. Bulk Stock Update: With this plugin, you can easily update the stock quantities for multiple products at once. Instead of managing stock levels individually, you can make changes in bulk, saving you time and effort.
  2. Import/Export Stock Data: WooCommerce Bulk Stock Management allows you to import and export stock data using CSV files. This feature is beneficial when you need to update stock levels in bulk or backup stock data for your products.
  3. Low Stock Notification: The plugin provides low stock notifications, alerting you when the stock of a product falls below a specified threshold. This helps you stay on top of your inventory and avoid running out of stock for popular items.
  4. Filter and Search Options: To make stock management even more efficient, the plugin offers filter and search options. You can easily find specific products or product categories and update their stock quantities accordingly.
  5. Advanced Stock Management: WooCommerce Bulk Stock Management works seamlessly with WooCommerce’s advanced stock management feature. You can set stock quantities for product variations and track stock levels accurately.
  6. Product Variations Support: The plugin supports stock management for product variations, allowing you to manage stock levels for different attributes and options within a single product.
  7. Multi-Store Support: If you have multiple WooCommerce stores or websites, the plugin can handle stock management for all of them from a centralized dashboard, simplifying the inventory management process.
  8. Scheduled Stock Updates: You can schedule stock updates in advance, making it easy to set up promotions or deals that involve changing stock quantities at specific times.
  9. User Permissions: WooCommerce Bulk Stock Management allows you to control user permissions for stock management. You can grant or restrict access to specific roles or users, ensuring that only authorized personnel can make changes to stock levels.

In summary, WooCommerce Bulk Stock Management is a valuable tool for WooCommerce store owners who need to efficiently manage their product inventory. With its bulk update, import/export, and advanced stock management features, the plugin streamlines the process of handling stock quantities, helping you maintain accurate inventory records and ensuring smooth operations for your online store.

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