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is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to add custom product fields to the checkout page based on specific conditions. With this plugin, you can collect additional information from customers during the checkout process, personalize the shopping experience, and make data-driven decisions for your WooCommerce store.

Key Features:

  1. Conditional Product Fields: The plugin enables you to create custom product fields that appear on the checkout page only when certain conditions are met. These conditions can be based on the products in the customer’s cart, cart total, specific user roles, shipping methods, or any other criteria you define.
  2. Custom Field Types: You can choose from various field types, such as text fields, dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons, date pickers, file uploads, and more. This flexibility allows you to collect different types of information from customers, depending on the products or conditions.
  3. Conditional Logic Rules: WooCommerce Conditional Product Fields at Checkout supports advanced conditional logic rules. You can set up rules that determine when specific fields should be displayed or hidden based on the customer’s selections or cart contents.
  4. Product-Specific Fields: You can assign custom fields to specific products, making it possible to collect unique information for different products in the same order.
  5. Cart Total-Based Fields: The plugin allows you to create fields that depend on the total value of the customer’s cart. This feature is useful for offering discounts or promotions based on the cart total.
  6. User Role-Based Fields: You can create fields that are visible only to customers with specific user roles. This functionality is valuable for collecting additional information from registered users or offering exclusive deals to certain customer groups.
  7. Shipping Method-Based Fields: With this plugin, you can add fields that appear based on the chosen shipping method, enabling you to gather specific shipping-related information from customers.
  8. Validation and Error Handling: You can apply validation rules to the custom fields, ensuring that customers provide accurate and complete information. Error messages can be displayed if required fields are left blank or if incorrect data is entered.
  9. Data Storage and Export: The plugin securely stores the additional information collected through the custom fields and allows you to export the data for further analysis or integration with external systems.
  10. Responsive Design: The custom product fields are designed to be fully responsive, ensuring that they display correctly on various devices and screen sizes.

In summary, WooCommerce Conditional Product Fields at Checkout is an essential tool for customizing the checkout process on your WooCommerce store. By adding conditional product fields, you can gather valuable information from customers, offer personalized experiences, and optimize the checkout flow based on specific criteria. This plugin empowers you to enhance the functionality and usability of your WooCommerce store, making it a valuable asset for any online retailer.

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