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is a WordPress extension that enables you to display estimated delivery or shipping dates on a per-product basis within your WooCommerce online store. This plugin is particularly useful for e-commerce businesses that offer a variety of products with different shipping times, helping customers make informed purchasing decisions based on when they can expect their orders to arrive.

Key Features:

  • Product-Specific Estimates: The plugin allows you to set and display estimated delivery or shipping dates for individual products, ensuring accuracy and transparency.
  • Delivery or Shipping Times: Define the estimated time it will take for each product to be delivered or shipped, indicating the number of days or a specific date range.
  • Customizable Messages: Craft personalized messages to communicate estimated delivery or shipping dates to customers, setting clear expectations.
  • Dynamic Display: The estimated delivery or shipping date is dynamically displayed on the product page, cart page, and checkout page, offering visibility throughout the purchasing process.
  • Multiple Date Formats: Choose from various date formats to display the estimated dates in a way that resonates with your customers.
  • Calendar Integration: For products with a specific delivery or shipping date, the plugin can integrate a calendar selection feature to let customers choose their preferred date.
  • Timezone Considerations: Ensure accurate estimated dates by accounting for different timezones, enhancing the user experience for global customers.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The plugin’s backend interface is designed for ease of use, making it simple to set up and manage estimated delivery or shipping dates.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: By providing accurate delivery or shipping information, you enhance customer satisfaction and reduce potential confusion.
  • Boost Conversion: Transparent delivery or shipping information can contribute to higher conversion rates, as customers appreciate knowing when they can expect their orders.
  • Compatibility: The plugin is built to work seamlessly with the WooCommerce platform and its existing features.
  • Regular Updates: The plugin may receive regular updates to ensure compatibility with the latest WooCommerce versions and to add new features.
  • Support: Access dedicated support to assist you with any inquiries or troubleshooting related to the plugin.

The “WooCommerce Estimated Delivery or Shipping Date Per Product” plugin empowers you to provide precise information to your customers regarding when they can anticipate the arrival of their orders. By tailoring estimated dates to individual products, you foster trust and transparency, which can lead to improved customer satisfaction and a smoother shopping experience.

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