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is a WordPress plugin designed to help WooCommerce store owners comply with European Union (EU) Value Added Tax (VAT) regulations and cater to business-to-business (B2B) customers. The plugin provides essential features and tools to handle VAT calculations, address tax requirements for digital products, and accommodate VAT-exempt B2B transactions within the EU.

Key Features:

  1. EU VAT Compliance: The plugin ensures that your WooCommerce store complies with EU VAT regulations, which can be complex and vary across EU member states. It automatically applies the correct VAT rate based on the customer’s location, ensuring that you charge the appropriate tax amount.
  2. VAT Number Validation: For B2B customers within the EU, the plugin offers VAT number validation. This feature allows customers with valid VAT numbers to make tax-exempt purchases, benefiting registered businesses.
  3. Tax Rates and Rules Management: You can easily configure tax rates and rules for different EU countries or regions. The plugin’s settings enable you to set up complex VAT scenarios and exemptions.
  4. Digital Goods VAT Handling: If you sell digital products, such as software, e-books, or digital downloads, the plugin handles the VAT rules for these items. Digital products are often subject to different VAT treatment than physical goods.
  5. Intra-EU B2B Transactions: WooCommerce EU VAT & B2B accommodates the special VAT rules for business-to-business transactions within the EU. It allows for tax-exempt sales when both the seller and the buyer have valid EU VAT numbers.
  6. Reverse Charge Mechanism: The plugin supports the reverse charge mechanism for certain cross-border B2B transactions. This mechanism shifts the responsibility for VAT payment from the seller to the buyer.
  7. VAT Invoices and Reports: The plugin generates compliant VAT invoices for B2B transactions and provides comprehensive reports for tax record-keeping and accounting purposes.
  8. Geolocation and IP Tracking: To determine the customer’s location accurately, the plugin utilizes geolocation and IP tracking technologies, ensuring that the correct VAT rates are applied based on the customer’s location.
  9. Customizable Messages: You can customize the display of VAT-related messages and notifications on your website to inform customers about VAT rules and exemptions.
  10. Multilingual and Multicurrency Support: The plugin is compatible with multilingual websites and works seamlessly with various currencies, supporting WooCommerce stores catering to diverse international customers.

In summary, WooCommerce EU VAT & B2B is an indispensable tool for WooCommerce store owners who sell products to customers within the European Union. By automating VAT calculations, handling B2B transactions, and providing essential tax features, the plugin streamlines VAT compliance and improves the shopping experience for EU customers. It ensures that your WooCommerce store remains VAT compliant and meets the legal requirements of selling goods within the EU market, making it a valuable asset for businesses operating in the region.

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