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is a WordPress plugin that enables WooCommerce store owners to manage and sell software licenses for their digital products. It provides a secure and efficient way to handle software licensing, activation, and updates for products such as plugins, themes, or any digital goods that require license validation.

Key Features:

  1. Software License Generation: The plugin generates unique license keys for each copy of the digital product sold. These license keys act as a form of authentication and enable the customer to access the software or service.
  2. Automated License Activation: When a customer purchases a digital product, the plugin automatically activates the license for that specific product. This process allows customers to use the software without any manual intervention.
  3. License Verification and Validation: WooCommerce License Manager verifies and validates the license keys provided by customers during the activation process. It ensures that the license key is valid and corresponds to the product purchased.
  4. License Expiry and Renewal: The plugin can set expiration dates for licenses, and customers may need to renew their licenses to continue receiving updates and support. This feature enables recurring revenue generation for the store owner.
  5. Software Updates and Support: WooCommerce License Manager can handle software updates for licensed products. Customers with active licenses receive regular updates to their products, improving user experience and security.
  6. Activation Limits: The plugin allows store owners to define the number of devices or installations that can be activated with a single license key. This feature prevents unauthorized usage of the software.
  7. Customer License Management: Customers can view and manage their purchased licenses from their user accounts on the WooCommerce website. They can check license status, renewal dates, and manage activations.
  8. Integration with WooCommerce and E-commerce: WooCommerce License Manager seamlessly integrates with the WooCommerce platform, making it easy to manage licenses and digital products from the same admin interface.
  9. API and Developer Friendly: The plugin provides an API that developers can use to integrate license verification and management with external systems or custom applications.
  10. License Deactivation and Reuse: The plugin supports license deactivation, allowing customers to transfer a license from one device to another. This feature enhances customer flexibility and user-friendliness.

In summary, WooCommerce License Manager is a valuable plugin for digital product sellers who offer software or services that require licensing. It streamlines the process of managing software licenses, activation, and updates for customers, providing a secure and efficient solution. By integrating seamlessly with WooCommerce, it simplifies the overall management of digital products and licenses, making it an essential tool for businesses selling software-based products or services.

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