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is a powerful plugin that extends the functionality of WooCommerce, allowing you to create multilingual and multicurrency online stores. With this plugin, you can cater to a global audience by offering your products and services in multiple languages and currencies.

Key Features:

  1. Multilingual Support: The plugin seamlessly integrates with the popular WPML (WordPress Multilingual) plugin, enabling you to translate your WooCommerce store into multiple languages. You can create language-specific versions of your product pages, categories, tags, and other content, making it easier for international customers to browse and purchase from your store.
  2. Language Switcher: WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency provides a customizable language switcher widget that allows customers to switch between different languages on your website. This enhances the user experience and ensures that customers can navigate your store in their preferred language.
  3. Translation Management: The plugin simplifies the process of translating your WooCommerce store by providing a translation management system. You can assign translators, track progress, and manage all translations from a centralized interface, ensuring consistency and accuracy across different language versions.
  4. Multicurrency Support: With this plugin, you can offer customers the option to view product prices and make purchases in their preferred currency. It supports multiple currencies and provides exchange rate integration, allowing you to automatically convert prices based on real-time exchange rates.
  5. Geo-Location-Based Currency: The plugin can automatically detect a customer’s location and display the appropriate currency based on their geolocation. This feature enhances the user experience and makes it easier for customers to shop without having to manually select their currency.
  6. Currency Switcher: WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency includes a currency switcher widget that allows customers to switch between different currencies on your website. They can see product prices and totals in their chosen currency, improving clarity and transparency during the purchasing process.
  7. Multilingual Product Data: The plugin ensures that all product data, including titles, descriptions, attributes, and variations, can be translated into multiple languages. This helps you create a localized shopping experience and provide accurate information to customers in their preferred language.
  8. Compatibility with WooCommerce Extensions: The plugin is designed to work seamlessly with popular WooCommerce extensions, ensuring that your multilingual and multicurrency store remains fully functional and compatible with other essential plugins.

WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency v5.2.0 is a comprehensive solution for creating multilingual and multicurrency online stores with WooCommerce. With features like multilingual support, language switcher, translation management, multicurrency support, geo-location-based currency, currency switcher, multilingual product data, and compatibility with WooCommerce extensions, this plugin allows you to expand your reach, cater to a global audience, and provide a personalized shopping experience for customers in different languages and currencies.

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