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WP Content Crawler v1.13.0 is a robust WordPress plugin that automates the process of content crawling and scraping from external websites. With this plugin, you can easily fetch and import content, such as articles, images, videos, and more, from various sources and integrate it seamlessly into your WordPress site.


  1. Content Crawling and Scraping: WP Content Crawler allows you to crawl and scrape content from external websites. You can specify the URLs or use predefined sources to fetch content from blogs, news sites, or any other website that provides the desired information.
  2. Automatic Content Import: The plugin automates the content import process by regularly fetching and importing the latest content from the specified sources. You can set up schedules to determine how often the plugin should crawl and import content, ensuring your site always has fresh and up-to-date information.
  3. Selective Content Extraction: WP Content Crawler provides flexible options for extracting specific content elements from the source websites. You can define the HTML elements, CSS selectors, or regular expressions to target the desired content, allowing you to import only the relevant information and ignore unnecessary data.
  4. Content Filtering and Cleanup: The plugin allows you to filter and clean up the imported content before publishing it on your site. You can apply filters to remove unwanted elements, such as ads or specific HTML tags, and sanitize the content to ensure it meets your site’s standards.
  5. Custom Post Types and Taxonomies: WP Content Crawler enables you to map the imported content to custom post types and taxonomies within your WordPress site. This helps in organizing the imported content and ensuring it is structured and categorized correctly.
  6. Content Transformation: The plugin provides options to transform the imported content to fit your site’s layout and design. You can manipulate the content by modifying the HTML structure, replacing or modifying URLs, resizing images, or applying custom styling.
  7. Automatic Image and Media Handling: WP Content Crawler automatically downloads and imports images and media files associated with the imported content. You can choose to store the files locally or use external storage services like Amazon S3 or Google Drive.
  8. Content Attribution and Linking: The plugin allows you to attribute the imported content to its original source and automatically generate backlinks. This ensures proper credit to the content creators and enhances SEO by linking back to the source websites.
  9. Advanced Configuration and Customization: WP Content Crawler offers a range of advanced configuration options to fine-tune the crawling and importing process. You can define custom user agents, proxy settings, request headers, and other parameters to optimize the crawling process and handle complex scenarios.
  10. Error Handling and Reporting: The plugin includes comprehensive error handling and reporting features. It notifies you of any errors or issues encountered during the crawling and importing process, allowing you to take appropriate actions to resolve them.

In summary, WP Content Crawler v1.13.0 is a powerful WordPress plugin that automates content crawling and scraping from external websites. With its content import automation, selective content extraction, filtering and cleanup capabilities, custom post types and taxonomies support, content transformation options, automatic image and media handling, content attribution and linking, advanced configuration settings, and error handling and reporting features, this plugin simplifies the process of fetching and integrating external content into your WordPress site, saving you time and effort.

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