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is a user-friendly WordPress plugin that simplifies the process of creating staging sites for your WordPress websites. With just one click, you can duplicate your live website and set up a separate staging environment where you can test new features, plugins, themes, and updates without affecting your live site. This plugin streamlines the development and testing workflow, ensuring a smooth and risk-free website management experience.

Key Features of WP Staging Pro:

  1. One-Click Staging: WP Staging Pro offers a hassle-free way to create staging sites with a single click. The plugin duplicates your live site and sets up a separate environment for testing and development.
  2. Isolated Environment: Staging sites are isolated from your live website, ensuring that any changes or experiments you make on the staging site do not affect the live site until you’re ready to apply them.
  3. Database and File Copy: The plugin creates a copy of your website’s database and files on the staging site, allowing you to replicate the exact content and structure for testing.
  4. Push Changes: After testing and making necessary adjustments on the staging site, you can easily push the changes back to your live site with a click of a button.
  5. Synchronization: WP Staging Pro offers synchronization features to keep the staging site up-to-date with the live site’s content, allowing you to test new content before publishing it.
  6. Exclude Files and Tables: You can exclude specific files or database tables from the staging process, ensuring that sensitive or unnecessary data is not duplicated on the staging site.
  7. Multisite Support: The plugin is compatible with WordPress multisite installations, allowing you to create staging sites for each individual site within the network.
  8. Media Files Handling: WP Staging Pro provides options for handling media files during the staging process, such as copying or linking media files between live and staging sites.
  9. Admin Bar Indicator: Easily distinguish between your live and staging sites with a clear admin bar indicator, preventing any accidental confusion while working on your websites.
  10. Easy Cleanup: The plugin offers a cleanup feature to remove staging sites and data when they are no longer needed, ensuring that your server resources are not unnecessarily occupied.
  11. Secure and Fast: WP Staging Pro prioritizes security and performance, ensuring that your staging sites are secure and load quickly for efficient testing and development.
  12. Compatibility: The plugin is designed to work seamlessly with most web hosting environments and WordPress setups, providing a smooth experience for users.


WP Staging Pro is a valuable tool for WordPress website owners, developers, and agencies who want to create staging sites effortlessly and efficiently. By providing a safe environment for testing and experimentation, the plugin minimizes the risk of errors or disruptions on your live website. Whether you’re a developer working on updates or a business owner seeking to enhance your website’s functionality, WP Staging Pro’s one-click solution streamlines the process and enhances your website management capabilities.

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