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is a comprehensive ISP (Internet Service Provider) Management System that integrates with the MikroTik API. It is designed to streamline and enhance the management of internet services, network infrastructure, and customer accounts. With Zal, ISPs can efficiently handle billing, customer support, network monitoring, and other key aspects of their operations.

Key Features:

  1. MikroTik Integration: Zal seamlessly integrates with the MikroTik API, allowing ISPs to manage and control their network infrastructure from within the system. It provides a unified interface to configure routers, monitor network performance, and apply changes to network settings.
  2. Customer Management: Zal offers robust customer management capabilities. ISPs can create and manage customer accounts, handle subscriptions, track usage, and generate invoices. It provides a centralized database to store customer information, making it easy to access and update customer records.
  3. Billing and Invoicing: The system automates the billing process, generating accurate invoices based on customer subscriptions and usage. ISPs can set up various billing plans, handle recurring payments, and generate financial reports. Integration with payment gateways allows for secure and convenient payment processing.
  4. Network Monitoring: Zal provides network monitoring features to ensure the smooth operation of the ISP’s network. It enables real-time monitoring of network performance, bandwidth usage, and connection status. Alerts and notifications can be set up to proactively identify and address network issues.
  5. Customer Support Ticketing: The system includes a ticketing system to streamline customer support. Customers can submit tickets to report issues or seek assistance, and support agents can efficiently manage and track ticket progress. This helps ensure timely and effective resolution of customer queries and problems.
  6. Service Provisioning: Zal simplifies the process of provisioning new services for customers. ISPs can easily set up new subscriptions, assign IP addresses, and configure network settings. This helps to streamline the onboarding process for new customers and improve service delivery efficiency.
  7. API Integration: Zal supports API integration, allowing ISPs to connect with third-party applications and systems. This enables seamless data exchange and integration with existing software, such as CRM systems, accounting tools, and more.
  8. Reporting and Analytics: The system provides comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities. ISPs can generate various reports, such as financial reports, customer usage reports, network performance reports, and more. These insights help in monitoring business performance and making data-driven decisions.
  9. User-Friendly Interface: Zal offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for ISPs to navigate and utilize the system’s features. The interface is designed for efficiency and provides quick access to essential functions.
  10. Scalability and Customization: Zal is scalable and can accommodate the growth and evolving needs of ISPs. It offers customization options, allowing ISPs to tailor the system to their specific requirements and workflows.

Zal is a feature-rich ISP Management System that integrates with the MikroTik API, providing ISPs with a comprehensive solution to manage their operations effectively. With its MikroTik integration, customer management capabilities, billing and invoicing features, network monitoring tools, customer support ticketing system, service provisioning functionality, API integration support, reporting and analytics capabilities, user-friendly interface, and scalability, Zal empowers ISPs to streamline their operations, deliver superior services to customers, and optimize their business performance.

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